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Ray Tracer Challenge, pt. 1: Creating A 2D Image

Let's accept The Ray Tracer Challenge and write a 3D renderer in Rust! In Part 1, we'll generate an image showing the trajectory of a launched projectile.

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Model an ALU circuit in Rust

Arithmetic logic units are the brains of central processing units, which are the brains of computers. Let's see how they work by coding one using Rust.

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Chat Blast! A TCP chat server in Rust

Where we write a CLI chat server over TCP sockets using Rust and Tokio.

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Quarto, pt. 2.1: AI - Bridge Between Worlds

Creating an artificial intelligence to fight you in Quarto. It's more fun when your opponent isn't randomly moving. Brought to you by Rust.

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Quarto, pt. 1: Core Functionality

Building a Quarto game with Phoenix LiveView. Game mechanics, dynamic UI, and how LiveView ties it all together.

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Ergodox EZ and Dvorak: A typing odyssey

I got one of the most customizable keyboards around and thought, what the hell, let's just switch typing layouts entirely. This is my story.

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Super perfundo on the early eve of your day

How I was inspired to create this blog and the methods I used to get it to production.

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